By combining talented, highly educated specialists with Oracle based technology we deliver outstanding results through inbound and outbound calls. Enjoy increased utilization by creating a blended environment that allows both inbound and outbound in the same group to maximize ROI.

Whether you reach out to your customers, or they call in, it is critical that each call represent the very best experience for the consumer. They want to buy from someone who treats them as more than just a wallet. At NETCAST BPO we understand the critical role of building relationships with each consumer and finding the best solution for each individual. This approach is branded to your specifications and provided on every call.


Add revenue to your bottom line with NETCAST BPO’s ability to present and close cross-sell, add-on and upsell products on every call. Our call center solutions are designed to enhance sale performance to generate revenue.

Not sure what products to offer with your line? Let our experts in the direct marketing field help you find the best products to add value for your customers and increase your revenue stream.


So many consumers are on the web looking for you – what happens when they find you? Imagine that in real time, you could reach out to those consumers to offer assistance proactively! The impact both to your bottom line and company image is outstanding. One client saw an increase from 15%” web lead conversion to 45% just by implementing our real-time customer call back system! Let us show you what it can do for your bottom line.



The value of each customer is critical to the health of your business. Our talented specialists work within your system requirements to maximize customer retention rates.

Looking to create a successful retention strategy? Our experts have decades of experience creating and implementing successful programs, let us help you create and drive success by holding onto your valuable customers.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority as it translates into repeat business and referrals which is the best advertisement available to you.


Looking to turn your cost center into a revenue center? In today’s business world we are faced with the challenge of offering a better customer experience, while ensuring that every customer contact drives revenue. At NETCAST BPO, we can help you create a strategy that will meet both requirements. Opportunities abound for adding revenue in the customer service experience, while still ensuring a satisfied customer!


Your customers want fast and accurate results. NETCAST BPO specialists ensure every transaction is completed in a timely and accurate manner, to ensure customer delight and no repeat calls! First call resolution is a driving force for our customer service specialists!!


NETCAST BPO offers tier one and higher techsupport options with minimum ramp time. Our specialists are selected based on educational background and specialty skills to deliver the best support for your company and/or it’s consumers.

We provide support for acct management such as password resets, account security, general and specialized tech support.

System can be designed with one stop support or with a multi-tier approach.


Be where your customers are, and in today’s market that is in social media. Our technology allows you to optimize web leads faster to maximize results. Additionally, our specialist can help manage your company’s social media presence. Support and be seen in all the places your customers are!