NETCAST BPO offers transcription services in both legal and medical fields. By utilizing our specialists, educated and trained specifically in the fields they are employed, the results both in production and accuracy are second to none. Leveraging offshore talent or even a blended model can drastically reduce costs creating a better fiscal picture for your business.


If your business still has customers who opt for a more traditional approach, NETCAST BPO can help! Reduce costs and turn around time by utilizing our data entry services. Have same day order entry for mail in orders, decrease turn around time on receivables management and other paper interactions. Beyond the specialists trained for swift data encoding, NETCAST BPO utilizes customized software to ensure accuracy and reduce your costs


In many environments it is a necessity to provide third party verification to protect your company and your customers. NETCAST BPO offers 3rd party services that save money and provide quick, valid results that go beyond one call. It isn’t enough to catch an incorrect call, our approach is to identify trends, provide feedback to your manager’s so they can take action where appropriate to ensure mistakes are not repeated.


How do you measure the customer experience? Knowing that your customers are receiving the service they want is critical in today’s world of instant exposure for poor service. NETCAST BPO has many options to measure your VOC. Whether you chose after call or during call survey, follow up survey via call, or email we can customize an approach to fit your business and budget.  

Many businesses have created a revenue stream by providing a follow up service call to converted customers in order to foster long-term customer relationships and offer additional service or product to enhance the consumer experience!